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The Selectron Computer Legacy

The decade of the 1960s was a revolutionary era in many respects, and one proof was the way wristwatches evolved. It was a decade of the social revolution and period of the space race where innovations in aeronautics influenced the way engineers saw the need to build necessary and innovative complications for flight, space, and deep-sea explorations.

As such was the inception of the Selectron Computer, a range of chronographs developed by then a small watch firm in Zurich, Ollech & Wajs, in the mid-1950s, which was gaining a modest reputation for manufacturing reliable and robust tool watches.

Thousands of orders were fulfilled and many of its designs catered to the civil and military pilots as well as American GI who ordered the wristwatches through mail-order leaflets. In 1965, there were 10,000 units produced in a year. The demand dropped soon as the Vietnam war was over.

The counterculture age, strong political and cultural trends, and the race to the moon inspired the public to see the future of innovation such as what Selectron’s reputation had built over these years. Reviving the spirit of the futuristic sixties, we aim to re-issue these outstanding, reliable, and functional wristwatches using modern, precision, and highly reliable components as we pay homage to the legacy of the Selectron Computer timepieces.